We are an official partner to the UK distributor for the Arehucas distilleries based in the Canary Islands.

Destilerías Arehucas’ range of rums and liqueurs are produced under the Arehucas and Artemi brands and are enjoyed by both locals and the millions of visitors to the islands from the UK and elsewhere.

The Canary Islands is famous for its Ronmiel Canario (Canarian Honey Rum), a rum based liqueur that originates from the islands, which maintains a long history of rum production. Canarian rums are considered some of the best in the world. Ronmiel Canario has a Denomination of Origin to recognise the superior quality and honey content of the liqueur that originates from the Canary Islands.

Destilerías Arehucas retains the same artisan traditions since its inception, perfecting the blend of aged rum and honey over the years.

Ronmiel Canario is made with dark rum infused with bee honey and natural extracts to produce a superior flavour and full bodied liqueur, that is smooth on the palate and is typically enjoyed on the rocks.